Kickstarter: It begins!


Sept 6

Kickstarter Update: Week One

Before you do anything else, please watch this video of Lesley Ito’s students being totally adorable while talking about reading multi-path books. The little guy with the nerdy laugh reminds me of a certain young adventurer I once knew! ;-)

(Thank you Vicki Hollett, for putting this video together!)


Right, then; to our second order of business: you guys ROCK!

Seriously, a big, big thank you to all of you, our early backers. Your support has helped Atama-ii Books become one of the most popular new Kickstarter publishing campaigns this past week, which is no easy feat. Check out our stats so far:

We’ve managed to stay at or near the top of the “Popular” list on the KS front page every day since launch, and we’ve been at #1 on Kicktraq’s Hot List for publishing the whole week straight!

We’ve also recently reached 35% funding. While this is great news, it also of course still means we have 65% of the way to go.

As you can see on the chart below, our momentum has been steadily slowing. To some extent this is normal for Kickstarter campaigns — so now is the time to give things another little push. Without being pushy, of course! ;-)

How can you help? Glad you asked.

It’s easy. If you happen to have one or two friends who are into eBooks, or teaching English, or gamebooks like Choose Your Own Adventure — or even just interested in publishing in general, you could send them a nice short email with a link to our Kickstarter page:

Or perhaps you could make a post about us on Facebook, or wherever you happen to hang out online. No need to go crazy; just a little bit of sincere excitement can be infectious enough.

And remember: it’s not a donation, it’s a pledge; every backer is essentially pre-ordering books (at 50% off), not to mention getting some other fun rewards too, at the higher levels.

With your help, we can make this series the coolest new thing to hit ELT publishing since… oh, whatever that last cool thing was!

Thanks again,

The Atama-ii Books team

PS: Our excellent illustrator, Alice Carroll, has been hard at work on some new inside art. We’ll have some completed page samples to show you for our next update.

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