Kickstarter: Funded!


Sept 26

Kickstarter Update 6

Dear backers,

On behalf of the whole team, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

We very unexpectedly passed our 10K goal about 30 minutes ago, with still 10 days left to go! I have to be honest, I was really just expecting to coast toward the goal over the next week or so, but now… this gives us a chance to up our ambitions a bit!

We’ve got a little wish list of things we’ve not talked about yet, but I guess this is the time to start announcing our stretch goals. First on the list is to get some high-quality audio to go along with the eBooks. We can get the first few titles done when we reach 11K.

Next would be a really kick-butt website for the series, and we’ll do that if we reach 13K. I’ve already got a great designer attached to do just that, but this would really help speed things along–and more about him in the next update, by the way!

OK, I *really* need to go have a celebratory drink now! ;-)

Thanks again!

Much more coming soon from Atama-ii Books, I promise!


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