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Sept 19 Update 2: Be a Zombie! Hey everyone, We just reached 60%! To celebrate, I’ve decided to give out a special reward. For the next 24 hours only, all new backers at $20 or more (and any current backer who raises their pledged amount by $20) will be immortalised forever with a walk-on part

Sept 6 Kickstarter Update: Week One Before you do anything else, please watch this video of Lesley Ito’s students being totally adorable while talking about reading multi-path books. The little guy with the nerdy laugh reminds me of a certain young adventurer I once knew! ;-) (Thank you Vicki Hollett, for putting this video together!)  

Welcome to a new adventure in educational publishing. All the pieces are falling into place. As of today, three titles are in production, several more are being written, and a fantastic illustrator has been signed (more about her very soon!) Watch this space!