Kickstarter: Be a Zombie!


Sept 19

Update 2: Be a Zombie!

Hey everyone,

We just reached 60%! To celebrate, I’ve decided to give out a special reward. For the next 24 hours only, all new backers at $20 or more (and any current backer who raises their pledged amount by $20) will be immortalised forever with a walk-on part as a zombie in one of our first titles, Zombies in Tokyo. Mmmm… braaains!

Too shy? Hey, we’ll be glad to immortalise your mother-in-law or your boss instead! ;-)

Thanks again for your support. You guys rock!


PS: A real update is coming in a couple of days. Just waiting on a couple of illustrations, then we’ll have a peek inside all three of the first titles!


Sept 22

Update 3: A sneak peek inside!

This is it, intrepid adventurers–the update you’ve all been waiting for!

Click here to download a brand spankin’ new PDF which includes the covers and first six pages of our first three titles: Journey to Mars by Paul Raine, Immortal Empire by yours truly, and Zombies in Tokyo by Andy Boon. All include kick-butt illustrations by our artiste extraordinaire, Alice Carroll. The last page also gives a taste of the following three titles.

Bear in mind, of course, that this is only a preview sampler, so not all the features are live yet, and the illustrations may not optimized for your reading device. However, I think it gives a nice sense of how the stories will flow. Let me know what you think!

Oh, and please do feel free to share the file with any friends who may be interested. While we just recently passed the 70% funding threshold, we still need to reach our goal of $10K for this thing to go forward… Nails are being furiously bitten here!

All the best,

Marcos (and the rest of the Atama-ii Books Team)


Sept 23

Update 4: Be a rock star!

After the success of the “be a zombie” offer last week, we’re doing it again!

Pledge $20 to our Kickstarter (or raise your existing pledge by $20) over the next 48 hours, and get a walk-on cameo role in Lesley Ito’s upcoming title, Backstage Pass, which is set at a rock concert!

By the way, those of you who pledged $200 or more for an actual cameo reward, have no fear. You’re all getting a secondary character appearance now (i.e. named and illustrated, appearing over several pages). If you’re not sure of the distinction, take a peek at the sampler. “Buck” and “Tomo” in Journey to Mars are secondary characters. Everyone in Zombies (so far) is a cameo.

Rock on!


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