Kickstarter: Onward and Upward!


Sept 28

Kickstarter Update 7: Onward and upward!

As you know, a couple of days ago we passed our funding goal with days to spare. The amount of enthusiasm the project has been generating has really blown us away… but we’re not done yet!

If you’re new to Kickstarter, you may not be familiar with the concept of “stretch goals”. These are extra goals set above the main project goals. In our case, any money raised above 10K will also go toward making the project even better!

We’ve got until October 5th to do it.

For example, if we reach $11,000 before October 5th, we will add a free audio component to the first three titles in the series, which all backers will then get automatically added to their existing rewards. Eventually, all our titles will include optional built-in audio tracks so you can listen at the same time you read–the extra $1,000 will allow us to do that earlier than planned.

Next, if we reach $13,000, we will create an Authors’ Lounge in our upcoming website, to which all our backers will get an exclusive invitation. You’ll be able to read upcoming stories before they are released, give suggestions, ask questions–even submit your own story ideas for consideration!

Finally, if we reach $15,000, we will fill a pool full of champagne and send you photos of us swimming in it. Ha, just kidding! (Or… are we? Raise your pledge and find out!)

But seriously, here’s the thing: We’ve still got 7 days to go! Do you have a friend or co-worker who might be interested in pre-ordering the series? Please send them this PDF sampler link:

The feedback we’ve had on the sampler has been simply outstanding so far. If that doesn’t grab ’em, well, at least you can say you tried.

On the subject of going above and beyond, one key person who deserves a huge individual thank you–our top pledger so far, Robert Murphy. (Applause, please!)

Robert is a Japan-based teacher who is a big proponent of brain-friendly approaches to ELT. Robert’s very cool reward is to have a title in the series ghost-written especially for him! One of our authors, Andy Boon, is already hard at work on the first draft. Early reports suggest that Robert’s idea is for a Fantastic Voyage-like adventure deep into the human brain. We likey!

Of course, anyone else out there who wants to have their own story multi-pathified, our operators are standing by! ;-)

OK, it looks like this update is getting a bit long, so we’ll leave a couple of other announcements to come in a few days. But we’ll tease you with them for now, because that’s how we roll:

1) we’ve signed up an amazing designer who is already hard at work helping us make our branding even more professional; we’ll introduce him in a few days!


2) we’re just about to sign on probably the best English voice actors in Japan to do our audio tracks; we’ll also introduce them very soon!

So, onward and upward…

All the best,

The Atama-ii Books team

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