Kickstarter: The End!


Or… is it only the beginning? And will Marcos ever tire of suspense-dipped rhetorical questions? The answer is yours to decide… as long as that answer is… NEVER!

So we did it, folks! 208 backers and $13,095 raised. Sadly, not quite enough for me to disappear to South America as was my original secret plan, but still plenty enough to, say, “get a series of multi-path eBooks out in style,” if you catch my drift! ;-)

But more on that soon. The next step is to keep your eyes out for my next update, which will include an important survey to all backers. This will be to confirm your reward, your mailing address (if you have a physical reward coming), and all that jazz.

For today, I’d just like to take a moment to say a sincere thank you to our creative team, who really helped spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also to the many, many people who helped in other specific ways; we really couldn’t have done it without all of the support.

And to YOU, of course, the real star of this project. Thank you to each of you who pledged, and who helped by bringing a friend or three to the Kickstarter page.

All humour aside, I’ve been really overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm. So now it’s my turn to pledge: I’m going to put together a KICK-BUTT series, one which you’ll be proud to point to next year and say, “See those books? Yeah, I helped make those happen!” And that’s a promise!



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