Kickstarter: 48 hours to go…


Here we are, two days away from the end of the funding campaign, and things are starting to heat up. We’ve reached our first stretch goal, which means that all of you who are receiving the first three eBook titles will now get them with audio as well, at no extra charge!

We’re also sneaking up on our 13K stretch goal, which is to create a VIP Lounge for all backers on our upcoming website, where you can interact with authors and even see some of the titles in pre-production as you sip on unlimited free champagne. (Assuming that you somehow have access to unlimited free champagne, that is.)

So I hear you asking, and the answer is yes, there is still time to raise your pledge or bug one or two of your friends to take a look at this sampler preview PDF: they can pre-order at 50% off! Two days, in fact.

For it has been foretold that, exactly 48 hours from now, POOF! Marcos will be transformed into his final form–one which includes tentacles and which frowns disapprovingly upon sales discounts. Mwaha-ha.

Speaking of final forms, it’s time to introduce the newest member of the team, evolved sentience and very talented designer, Mark Bain. Some of you English teachers will know markbaindesign‘s work from British Council ELTons-nominated The Round and other projects. Mark is based in Barcelona, Spain, bringing yet another country into our increasingly multinational project.

It’s very early stages yet, but here’s a process shot of what Mark’s been working on for our new logo:

Which reminds me of another important announcement–we’re changing the series name!

Well, just a little bit.

The name “Atama-ii Books” has been giving a few people some trouble, as it doesn’t slide off the tongue well enough if one doesn’t speak Japanese. So, we’re going to tweak it a little. From now on, the publisher will be simply “Atama”, and the series will be the “ii-Book” series.

Atama is easy to pronounce in any language, doesn’t have any confusing hyphens in it, and also allows us to perhaps publish other series in the future, by calling them, say, the Atama Whatever series.

So basically, we’re still going to be Atama ii-Books, but now the hyphen will move to the other side. Easy, huh? (Yes, folks, this is exactly the kind of thing Marcos thinks about in the shower.)

Okay, I think we’re done here. Remember: 48 hours. Oops, 47:55 now!

All the best,

Your friendly neighborhood Atama ii-Books team!

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