Happ-ii New Year!


Happ-ii New Year!

Hi everyone, Marcos here with a quick update to let you all know that, alas, I still have not managed to abscond to a tropical island with your funds. In fact, our team has continued to toil away through the holiday season, fueled only by turkey sandwiches and tears. And OK, maybe a beverage now and then.

Just look at the gaunt faces and dead eyes on our illustrator, Alice, and on authors Paul and Mark, at our first-ever company get together in Tokyo. They’ve been working so hard, and it’s all for YOU! (It’s unclear who the handsome young man on the right is–probably a groupie who jumped into the frame.)

So anyway, here’s where we stand at the start of 2014:

The website, spearheaded by Mark Bain Design, is now going through its final debuggings. It will launch very soon–within the month, in fact–and then it will provide some better interactive features to keep everyone connected. The blog and forum features are looking especially nice!

The first three titles are in final layout now, and just waiting on a few final illustrations. One important change here is that my own title, Immortal Empire, has been pushed back and replaced by The Lost Cup by James Broadbridge, an adventure about searching for the stolen Jules Rimet soccer trophy in Rio de Janeiro. No worries, though; this switch was simply an editorial decision to get a soccer-themed book set in Rio out there in time for world cup fever ;-)

Audio production on the first three titles is also well underway. This is being spearheaded by our own author, Lesley Ito, and features the voice talent of Tom Kenny. Lesley and Tom both bring a lot of experience and talent to the table, so I’m sure we’re going to end up with something really good on the audio side.

But of course, the big question on everyone’s mind is: when are these flippin’ books coming out?

However, let me remind you that there is, in fact, very little flipping to these books at all. As these are mostly ebooks, it’s more of a tapping motion we’re dealing with here. Just as long as that’s clear. As to the answer…

Soon. Very tappin’ soon. We’re-so-tappin’-close-that-I-can-almost-tappin’-taste-it soon. Oh-God-please-make-it-tappin’-end-so-I-can-tappin’-sleep-again soon. OK?

But seriously: right now we may or may not meet a January launch date. It’s going to be close. Still, everything is well on track, and the worst case scenario is that you’ll have three smoking hot ebooks in your devices in February. Not too shabb-ii eh?

Heh heh, sorr-ii ;-)

Oh God, now I cant stop.

Marcos Beneviides

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