What’s next on the schedule for Atama-ii Books?

September 2013: Our Kickstarter campaign will run the whole month. We hope to raise US $10,000 to help us produce the first batch of fully illustrated books you see here. Your support, whether it’s $2 or $200, will get you some of the first books in the series at as much as 50% off the cover price–not to mention some pretty cool prizes!

September 13-15, 2013: Marcos, Mark, James, and probably a few others from the Atama-ii Books crew will be in Seoul for the 2nd Extensive Reading World Congress.

January 2014: The big launch! The first three titles in the Atama-ii Books series will be hitting the (virtual) shelves for Kindle Reader and iBooks. Look for another title each month after that.

April 1-12, 2014: Marcos will be in London for the IATEFL Conference and then the London Book Fair. And maybe pop by the palace to say hello to this chap again? ;-)

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