Zombies in Tokyo





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What people are saying about Zombies in Tokyo

  • Highly engaging and motivating for young learners; fresh, learner-centred, visually attractive and innovatively funded.

    The British Council
  • 洋書だけど好奇心でどんどん読める。ロールプレイングゲームのように、ストーリー展開を自分で選べる本。これは推理モノだったので、謎が解けるエンディングにたどり着きたくて夢中になりました。英語もやさしいレベルだし、結局全部の結末が知りたくなるので、好奇心でどんどん読み進めました。

  • Five Stars! Was originally quite skeptical about how well this would work as a graded reader for non-native speakers of English. But it is fabulous! The story kept an 18-year old Japanese student hooked, as well as my own bilingual 10-year old (who wouldn’t go to bed until he reached the end!).

    English Teacher
  • My learners loved it! Although it is easy reading, it is also really engaging. Learners who are beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate levels all seemed excited to read the story and each one getting a different end. Ilustrations work is really great. I look forward to more titles.

    English Teacher

Product Details

Each title in the Atama-ii series is carefully edited to be at the same easy reading level illustrated above. They are comparable in difficulty with ELT graded readers at the 300 headword level.
  • Page count: 46 story pages (23 text; 23 illustrations).
  • Word count: about 2,500 total (each page is 100-110 words).
  • Number of endings: 8 (each story thread is 16 pages or 800-880 words long)
  • Glossary: 15-20 keywords per title are glossed with easy English definitions
  • May contain mild violence, comparable to "PG" movies such as Star Wars. Recommended for ages 11+.
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