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[reposted from JALT Pan-SIG 2014 blog] You may recall the 80’s and 90’s reading phenomenon caused by series such as Choose Your Own Adventure or Fighting Fantasy. Those books launched an entirely new format, in which the reader—“You”—is the hero, and makes plot decisions within the story. That format was a hit because it brought

We’re trying something new… complete, free books on YouTube. Here’s Journey to Mars, narrated by Lesley Ito: The way it works is you read a few pages, then click on the choice at the end of the clip to go to the next clip. At the end, you’re given the choice to start again. Cool, huh?

Aaaaaand… we’re LIVE! This is it, friends–the beginning of the end! The first three titles ARE OUT on Amazon! <cue trumpets! drum roll please! pull my finger!> Yes, that’s right: after what seemed an eternity of formatting and reformatting, of coding and decoding, of punching walls and kicking puppies, I have finally managed to squeeze out at least

Februar-ii It continues! Hi all, time for a very quick monthly update. Not a whole heck to report this time, other than that everything’s on track for at least one version of the first three titles to be released this month. Not quite in time for Valentine’s Day, alas, so those of you who zombified

Happ-ii New Year! Hi everyone, Marcos here with a quick update to let you all know that, alas, I still have not managed to abscond to a tropical island with your funds. In fact, our team has continued to toil away through the holiday season, fueled only by turkey sandwiches and tears. And OK, maybe a

November progress report Been a busy couple of months here at Atama World Headquarters, and we’ve made progress on several exciting fronts. First of all, after lots of hard work and discussion with our designer, Mark Bain, we’ve finally settled on a definitive series cover. Here’s how it looks on our first title, Journey to Mars:

Or… is it only the beginning? And will Marcos ever tire of suspense-dipped rhetorical questions? The answer is yours to decide… as long as that answer is… NEVER! So we did it, folks! 208 backers and $13,095 raised. Sadly, not quite enough for me to disappear to South America as was my original secret plan, but

Here we are, two days away from the end of the funding campaign, and things are starting to heat up. We’ve reached our first stretch goal, which means that all of you who are receiving the first three eBook titles will now get them with audio as well, at no extra charge! We’re also sneaking

Sept 28 Kickstarter Update 7: Onward and upward! As you know, a couple of days ago we passed our funding goal with days to spare. The amount of enthusiasm the project has been generating has really blown us away… but we’re not done yet! If you’re new to Kickstarter, you may not be familiar with the

Sept 26 Kickstarter Update 6 Dear backers, On behalf of the whole team, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We very unexpectedly passed our 10K goal about 30 minutes ago, with still 10 days left to go! I have to be honest, I was really just expecting to coast toward the goal over the next week or