Aaaaaand… we’re LIVE!


Aaaaaand… we’re LIVE!

This is it, friends–the beginning of the end! The first three titles ARE OUT on Amazon! <cue trumpets! drum roll please! pull my finger!>

Yes, that’s right: after what seemed an eternity of formatting and reformatting, of coding and decoding, of punching walls and kicking puppies, I have finally managed to squeeze out at least one working version of the first three ebooks!

And, I daresay, they look pretty darn good on my iPhone’s Kindle Reader. Check it out.

Sorry the video is reversed. Not sure what happened there. Something to do with Japan being on the opposite side of the planet, I think.

Anyway, perhaps after this demonstration, you can imagine just how much better these books will look on your iPad, Android tablet, Kindle Fire or Paperwhite, even your laptop. That is, once you have download the FREE Kindle Reader app to read it on!

Hey, I’m no Amazon fanboy (is there even such a thing?) but hot dang! that Kindle Reader app is actually a really good ebook reader! Plus you can download it on pretty much any device, which is nice.

So if you want the Kindle-ready version (i.e. the .mobi file) to fulfil the digital copy part of your pledge reward, please send me your email address. You can find out what this is by going to “Settings” (the little gear icon”) inside your Kindle Reader app.

I will then email the file directly to your Amazon Kindle account. Easy peas-ii.

If you do NOT want the Kindle-ready version (i.e. you prefer a different file type) please email me at and let me know which file type you prefer. Bear in mind, however, that other file types will take a bit longer–up to a couple more weeks–to get to you. It takes a while for my elves to get the formatting just right, what with all the illustrations and internal page links these ebooks require. We will get there, though.

By the way, regarding file types, please note that at this point it’s looking like there may not be an iBooks version.

Sorry, I tried; I really did. Thing is, despite iBooks having some really cool features, there are Apple-imposed restrictions on how iBooks must be formatted which I’m not willing to compromise on. For example, iBooks must have a table of contents, and this must be done their way, which just won’t work for our multi-path stories. Plus a lot of hassles with what can and can’t be internally linked… bah, I don’t want to even get into it. If you’re making standard books, iBook’s your BFF, but if you’re trying to, you know, Think Different… yeah, not so much. Boo, Apple.

But never mind that. Today we celebrate!

So a big congratulations to our first three authors, Paul Raine (Journey to Mars), Andy Boon (Zombies in Tokyo), and James Broadbridge (The Lost Cup).

Also, a tip of the hat to John Racine, who has become our first named-and-illustrated reward recipient. Will “John”, your detective partner in The Lost Cup, meet one of several possible demises, or will he end up shaking hands with the president of Brazil? YOU decide!

We can’t forget all the cameos in Zombies in Tokyo. If your name happens to be Andy Lawson, Asher Camacho, Brett “Ellie” Witty, Catherine Oki, Cheney Brew, Darren Elliott, Diane Nagatomo, Dorothy Zemach, Joseph Paulshock, Karenne Sylvester, Kim Horne, Laurine Kelson, Lin Masuda, Marc Helgesen, Melodie Cook, Patrick Jackson, Phil Brown & son, Rai Chalmers, Scott Gardner, Tony Bryant, or Tyler Harrington, you may just find yourself lurking somewhere in the scaaary streets of Tokyo!

Finally, a reminder to everyone that, as I continue to plod on, formatting this, editing that, and then formatting that other thing all over again, I may on occasion miss something or someone, or send you the wrong file or some other such silliness. Do feel free to send me a message to jog my unravelling brain, if necessary!

We aim to please here at Atama-ii! (*)



(*) Oh, almost forgot: Yes, we’re back to “Atama-ii Books” instead of “Atama ii-Books”. Longish story for next time, maybe. If you care about my confusing branding issues. Which you no doubt do.

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