February Progress Report


It continues!

Hi all, time for a very quick monthly update. Not a whole heck to report this time, other than that everything’s on track for at least one version of the first three titles to be released this month. Not quite in time for Valentine’s Day, alas, so those of you who zombified your loved ones in a cameo illustration should probably still invest in some chocolate to tide the romance over.

But yes, after much sweat and salty language trying to format these books right, I think I’ve finally just about got the process right. Barring some truly extraordinary event, the iBook version WILL be out this month, and the Kindle version shortly thereafter (with yet other versions to follow in March).

The website is just about done as well. Until then, those of you on Facebook may want to “Lick” our new page. I think that’s what the kids are calling it, right?https://www.facebook.com/atamaiibooks (Ha ha, sure, like there are any kids left on Middle-agebook, amirite?)

"Braains! Like us on Facebook if you have any braaaains!"Anyway, to tide you over, here’s a sneak peek at a Zombies in Tokyo illustration by Alice Carroll. This one features cameos from our zombilicious backers Phil Brown, Patrick Jackson, and Dorothy Zemach. Enjoy!

OK, back to work-ii.


PS: If you’re a language teacher, you may want to check out an Indigogo project by award-winning author Nik Peachey:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/digital-classrooms-online-video Nik is putting together a series of teacher resource ebooks about using digital technologies in the classroom. You can pre-order a copy for just 5 British Bucks–which are like American Bucks, only posher.

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